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There are many players who will only place bets on live events and prefer not to commit before the event. Why? We will try to explain to you the phenomenon of live betting, how to interpret the odds for live bets, what types of event you can bet on, what rules you will need to follow, and of what threats you need to be wary.


And please do not misunderstand us – we’re not trying to act as some kind of betting eggheads and we don’t look down on newbies. Betting is our passion and we want every interested person to possess the knowledge that will enable them to enjoy challenging bookies, live events included!


What is live betting?

Live betting consists of placing bets during the event – while it is already taking place. Whether you’re interested in football, tennis, basketball, Formula 1 racing, or even billiards, there is always a bookmaker who will agree to accept live bets. And you can place bets not only on the event winner, but also on whether a certain event will occur, eg. the amount of corner kicks, whether there will be a penalty or a red card, or who the winner will be when the first half concludes. The odds on live events, however, change much faster than in pre-match betting, so you need to make decisions that will be fast and strategic at the same time!

Live betting, live bets, bets in play…

To anticipate the question: no, there is no difference between them. These are just different names denoting the same thing. Just like with how you can play football and soccer, you engage in live betting, live bets or in play bets. You probably know that even within one bookmaker’s site you may notice more than just one name. It does not matter though, it’s still the same thing and the same rules that apply.

What can you place live bets on?

Whatever your bookmaker decides to have on offer. Not what you expected, huh? Of course, you can look for live betting on (almost) every site, but the problem is that it doesn’t pay off the same way on every site. Remember to pay close attention to the odds. Another important issue is your bookmaker’s rulebook – different rules may apply to different sites. It goes without saying that it is better to bet live using the services of reliable bookmakers with wide offers (like Bet365) than on some strange, little known site that has just decided to offer a single live bet on an event in the Finnish curling league.

There are some sports that attract live gamblers more than others. And no wonder, because in the end everyone wants to have a great time while watching their favorite matches, and there is nothing better than live betting when you want to experience peak levels of excitement.

So which sports are the most popular amongst live bettors?

  • football
  • tennis
  • basketball

This is the so-called Big Three, or three sports that attract millions of excited live-betting fans during every event. So there is quite a bit of competition, but it’s not a lottery draw – if you make a hit, the money is yours, you want to share the prize with anyone else. The only problem with a sport’s popularity is that the greater the interest in the event, the lower the odds.

You don’t have to worry, either, that you won’t be able to find your favorite sport at the bookie’s – whatever floats your boat, surely you can finds someone who will let you bet live on numerous events. Unless your favorite sport is fishing, you’re all set!

There is no such thing as a safe live bet (unless you register just in time for a bonus at the bookie, which might guarantee you a 100% refund for losing), but there are live bets that have been proven to be most beneficial for many players.

  • 2Way bets – the risk is relatively low in this kind of bet. There are only two possibilities: the victory goes one way or the other. The more possible outcomes, the more risk you accept. Just think about it – when is it easier to make a correct prediction: when there are 2 or 5 candidates for the win?
  • Asian handicap – in this type of bet even if your team of choice loses, your bet can still be victorious. You do not place a bet on who will win, but on the result under the assumption that one of the teams has some kind of advantage – for example +1.5 goals.

Are you now in possession of the ultimate recipe for profitable live betting? Sorry, we’re not there yet. But it’s a set of great hints on what to consider when choosing the market(s) you will focus on and how to minimize the risk!

Live or pre-event betting. Which is better?

There are many opinions in circulation. Is it better to place bets before the event or when it’s already in play? There’s no “beauty in the eye of the beholder” when it comes to bets. It’s not really all about personal tastes. Which choice will be more advantageous for you depends primarily on your game system. We are going to explain pros and cons of both types of betting, but there’s more to it than just a simple comparison – you will soon find out what we mean.

Pre-event bets tend to have higher odds. It is quite logical: not knowing anything about how the game will go, you are taking a big risk that your prediction will be way off, and when the match starts, you can not do anything about it anymore. How else would a bookmaker encourage you to place a bet if not with a vision of a reasonable profit? On the other hand, although live odds may not be as tempting as those in traditional bets, there is definitely a considerable portion of tactics in live bets and they give plenty of opportunities to play your hand in different ways, which in turn has the potential for a large profit.

Live betting is also believed to be a dangerous trap for beginners. If you are familiar with the sport you want to bet on, but have not yet fully grasped the mechanisms of betting (especially live betting), play very carefully and with small stakes. If you do not realize that the TV transmission and live streaming will never be as fast as the events taking place on the pitch, you are already at a disadvantage. The person who sits in the stands always has an enormous advantage over the player sitting in front of the TV or his computer screen – transmission delay may only go up to a few seconds, but in the case of placing a bet live it might as well be an eternity.

It seems like we could conclude that live betting is all about speed. Speed and sleight of mind. Sixth sense to anticipate the next situation on the pitch and to calculate the dynamic changes in the odds. Add some common sense to the mix and you have the perfect live bettor – speedy but also astute.

Experience is something that is always desirable, no matter what you want to do: whether you bet on football, play blackjack at the casino or cook milk (rumor has it that the milk does not boil over anymore when you reach a certain level – that is, again, in terms of experience). As we’ve already mentioned, some sort of intuition is really useful in live betting. As far as we know, no one is born with it, it probably does not work like supernatural powers that you either do or do not have. Intuition comes from the experience that you gain thanks to all the events spent fretting over the odds.

Your own game system (tactics)

Many players who want to start or expand their adventure with live bets decide to look for tips on finding or coming up with an appropriate game system. Sure, why not? In the end, there is nothing wrong about seeking assistance. The problem arises, however, when you want to find the ultimate solution, a universally reliable system.

Unfortunately there is no single, perfect game system for live betting. There are too many variables, too many situations that can not be predicted. And above all: if there was a perfect system, sports betting would not be a thing – bookies would have no way of making profit off the business, and so, we wouldn’t be able to have fun with betting at all.

Now you’re probably wondering, how to come up with my own system for profitable live betting? For starters, you need to take it slow. Impatience is your worst enemy when it comes to sports betting in general.

  • Read as many guides as you can – as I have already mentioned, there is nothing wrong about reading guides. Note, however, how they are written, and by whom. If the site you’re looks like its formatting was taken straight from the Word, and the author calls himself a master of betting who always wins, has quit his job and earns tens of thousands per month, then know that something is not right. There are very few people in the world who are on this level and they don’t share their tricks too often. If someone claims to be God-knows-whom and at the same time, his website looks too 90’s and his syntax and interpunction don’t quite match up with the rules of the English language – you should skip that source. Your best bet is to make use of the tips posted on large betting websites and forums where other users will point out a liar’s errors quickly and appropriately comment on his fantasies.
  • Check for effectiveness – how do you know if a system will actually work in your case? It’s not enough for the description to be interesting and inspiring. You must test it for yourself! Only we beg you, do not bet large sums at once, and do not place a bet if you do not fully understand the conditions.
  • Stick to already established rules – do not change the system every time you place a bet. We have just mentioned the importance of effectiveness and scrutinizing every system. Sticking to your system of choice for a set amount of time is exactly how you are supposed to do it. Slowly, consistently place bets according to the rules. If it is clear that the strategy you’ve been using is not suitable for you, then look for another, better option and once again try it out. Give it time! Even if a seemingly amazing idea pops up in your head, note it down for later and keep at it with your current system, no alterations. Remember – patience is key! And one more thing: do not play every day, do not work more than one game a day. It’s something that professionals do – these are people who genuinely live off this stuff. You shouldn’t challenge yourself with more than one match a week, a match you will have already made well-thought out plans for.

The risk in live bets

Live bets go hand in hand with big risk. While the game goes on, while the ball is in play, until the last whistle blows… everything may happen. Of course, there are situations when the reversal of fate or even scoring one more goal would be akin to a miracle, but it is not the kind of stuff that we usually bet on during matches. And so, you can always place bets on clear-cut cases, but the live odds won’t impress you.

So what kind of risk are we talking about here? Let’s say you’re watching a livestream of the Arsenal – West Ham game. There’s one minute left till the first half concludes and the game is terribly sluggish. The score is 0:0. So you can assume that there will be no goal before the break and by the time the first whistle blows, the result will still be 0:0. Then you place two bets: no goals scored in the first half and that the result of the first half will be a draw. But there is always the risk of that one player waking up on time and scoring, which will cause your predictions to fail. In addition, if you’re not in the stands, but using some sort of live transmission, your chances of a quick response are very small – you won’t halt your finger if some dangerous play springs up in the box.

This is a very dramatic example, but we want to show you how many factors you have to consider while betting live. While live betting you must therefore have a clear grasp of the current situation. You will also need the ability to make quick decisions and estimate potential profits and losses. Remember that betting is never dead cert – sport stays sport and anything can happen.

Your biggest enemy in live betting

Some people think that the biggest enemy in the betting industry (both pre-match and live) is the bookmaker. After all, he always comes out on top, regardless of the outcome of the match and the odds on offer. That is not true, though. The biggest enemy is the player himself. It’s you! It sounds ominous, sure, but it’s true. It is you who makes decisions about the bets, stakes, and odds you decide to be convincing enough.

  • Greed – a player who can not control their own greed is, let’s put it simply, a bad player. You’ve scored some profits twice in a row, so the third time must also be lucky, huh? To quote a classic: not so. There is no rule as to how often your bet comes in, there is no formula that would decide about it. Throwing in a high-stakes typing just because they want more and more (and the odds are additionally live in this great moment), is one of the major players sins.
  • Emotions – both anger and excessive optimism are bad advisors. A bet didn’t work out and you want to quickly get back on the winning track? A strong belief that it is your lucky day because you’ve got your four-leaf clover boxers on? These are like hiding under a tree during a storm. You are asking for a disaster.
  • Impatience – it’s something we’ve already talked about while discussing the game system. You can’t wait till you make some profit? Until something changes in your coupon? You want to bet for more than usual…? It’s better to go for run across the neighborhood and come back when the urge has passed.
  • Inconsistency – there is nothing inherently wrong about trying out some novelty systems, but the problem arises when every bet you place is based on a different rulebook. An appropriate system you will consistently adhere to will minimize possible losses. You cannot decide to place 15% of your bankroll on bet one, 20% on the second and 50% on the third. And stick to the plan: never go on an unplanned betting spree just because you feel like it today. Place bet only on the matches you’ve had planned for a long while.

How to bet live?

A bit further down we shall discuss how live bets should be placed while basing ourselves on a specific example (while pointing out how exactly it looks in practice). Here, however, we will let you know everything there is to know about the general principles for live betting.

  • Always watch the match while betting live – you have no idea how often the bookmaker’s customer service call centers receive complaints and frustrated groans of players who only watch livescores or visualizations, and base their betting decisions on these sources. Then it turns out that their decisions were unsuccessful because the situation on the pitch had already changed before they placed the bet. Not watching the game means putting yourself at a significant disadvantage. To make effective live betting you need to know what is happening in the game right now. And you should know that most bookies have disclaimers in their terms and condition on how they’re not responsible for you not realizing what is happening on the pitch, even it their own live stream is at fault.
  • Observe the odds carefully – live odds change very rapidly, which is one of the reasons why we’ve mentioned the importance of reflex. It’s not worth it to place a bet only because victory is almost guaranteed. Think of the profit – is a yield of 1-2% worth your time and stress?
  • Don’t let them drive you crazy – later in the text you will see a concrete example of all the choices that the live betting market has to offer… and you will see live odds change literally by the minute. Relax – analyze what is happening in the game and do not let the dancing numbers confuse you.
  • Put some thought into choosing the right game – sure, gran derbi and the Grand Slam are always the most exciting choices, but they also carry a huge risk. Firstly, these events are exceptionally unpredictable. Secondly, a huge crowd of fans will flock to participate in the betting festival – and that lowers the odds. Thirdly, if you’re a fan of one of the teams involved, you’ll definitely have a tendency to exaggerate the weight of its opportunities. You will find yourself unable to place bets with a clear head – after all, everyone wants their team to win!
  • Do not place a bet if you’re not knowledgeable about the area concerned – some people will place a bet on anything if they see some tasty live odds, even if they have no idea what they’re betting on. Make the decision to place a bet only if you feel you know a good bit about the sport and the current situation on the pitch. Do not be one of those rookies who give in to bookmaker’s tricks.
  • Collect information – exactly the same way as you do for pre-event bets. Collect information about the teams and players who are going to play in your game of choice. You mustn’t only base your predictions on the live odds. If you want to succeed, you need to know whether conceding a goal usually motivates team X to push back quickly, or whether the tennis player called Y plays well in stressful situations, or if the referee Z is known for giving out yellow cards as if the players were all kids asking for a treat.
  • Invest money you can afford, not money you want to invest – everyone would gladly put a few thousand into the lucky betting machine on their first try and soon reap the additional percentage. There is, however, no need for acting up and risking your home budget. You must have heard about tens of thousands of people who had their lives and families destroyed by irresponsible betting, right? Forgive us for sounding as if we were against betting, but we know how tempting the prospect of easy earnings is. The problem is that sometimes players let themselves loose and it may not end well. So be one of the wise ones.
  • Do not play too often – you may now think that this point contradicts with what we wrote about gaining experience, but the truth is that betting on 4 matches a day will make you lose more cash than the experience you’ll gain. Live odds may be tempting, but stick to the plan: if you decide that you are playing one match 2 times a week and that’s it, then stick to it and do not be greedy. We’ve already said something about what happens to the greedy ones!

There are two camps of players: play live and avoid live. The truth, as always, lies somewhere in the middle, and it all comes down to how you prefer to play and what are your predispositions. We will not repeat ourselves, the previous paragraphs have provided a clear outline of what you will need to thrive in the land of live betting.

Making profit is always the goal of every bet you place, the only question is whether you expect it every time, or if you realize that there will be some inevitable failures. The sad truth is that you will see a loss more often than a gain – live betting is no exception here. There’s no point in getting discouraged after yet another failed bet, but there is no wisdom in thinking that you’re bound to succeed after a failure, either.

So how does it go – will live odds bring you profit? They may, but you have to look for the right moment and catch it by watching the match and the live odds.

Where to bet live?

All of the biggest bookmakers offer live betting. But the mere presence of some options is not everything. After all, we should also pay attention to what kind of events you can bet on and how the live odds on offer compare to other bookies. So we shall familiarize you with the bookmakers who we believe to be doing the best job when it comes to live bets and more.

Below you may read about what you should be paying attention to while looking for the best bookmaker. To make our comparison as reliable as possible, we shall discuss the same characteristics of every bookie: info about their bonus and their bonus for live betting, info on their live betting and live odds offer, and also everything about the streaming they have on offer. Are you enjoying what you’re reading? Click the link under each of the descriptions and go directly to the bookmaker’s site!

bet365 live betting review

bet365 - welcome bonus

Bet365 is offering all new players a 100% deposit bonus up to a max of £200 after their registration. In order to claim the bet365 welcome bonus, only four steps are necessary:

  1. Visit Bet365 website and follow the “Join Now” tab on Bet365 homepage. This will allow you to open a new account.
  2. Sign up to bet365 using appropriate account information. After a successful login, go to “My Account” tab and select a deposit in order to top-up your account. Select any amount between £10 and £200 and remember that the more you deposit (between £10 and £200), the bigger bonus you will be entitled to collect.
  3. Check the email account which you used during registration. You will be sent an email from Bet365 website containing a special 10-digit bonus code. Copy this code, as it will be necessary to claim your bonus. Follow Bet365 website through “Members” and “Offers” tabs.
  4. Enter or paste your 10-digit code and the bonus will be activated.Bet365 also allows you to use its cash-out feature, which allows you to cash-out a part of your bet at any given moment, giving you more control over your money.

Additionally, Bet365 also allows for auto cash-out, meaning that you can set up a custom threshold above or below which your bets will automatically settle and added to your balance.

bet365 - in play betting

Bet365 allows its users to enjoy Live Streaming services. The service is free to all members, provided they have at least £1 on their Bet365 account, or bet a minimum of 50p on the race in order to watch horse racing live streams.

Bet365 live streams are also supplemented by in-play feature, which means that viewers can watch the sport events and see the betting odds on the screen at the same time for extra convenience.
Members can watch more than 50,000 live events each year, including football (Premier League, Bundesliga, Eredivisie, Serie A, Ligue Un, La Liga and others), tennis (ATP and WTA tours), basketball (European leagues, Euroleague, Asian leagues and the WNBA), horse racing and other categories.

For deposit of funds, all debit, credit and prepaid cards branded Visa, MasterCard or Maestro are accepted with a £10 minimum deposit and maximum od £30.000. Deposits via Skrill and Skrill 1-tap, Neteller, uKash, PaySafe card and deposits via check or bank transfer are also allowed, however these methods may take between 2 and 28 business days to process.

For pay-out of your funds, you can use back to card transfer for Visa, MasterCard and Maestro cards with a minimum payout of £20, maximum of £30,000. Other methods such as, Skrill, EntroPay and uKash are available as well, in addition to check and bankwire, although the last two options may take up to 28 business days to process.

As far as live odds are concerned, users will find out that it results in most profits to bet for tennis. Statistically basketball has the lowest odds, but of course you need not be a mere statistic – there’s money to be won in every sport!

BET LIVE AT bet365

Coral live betting review

coral - welcome offer

Coral offers an incentive for new players in form of a £20 free bet from an initial stake of £5. To qualify for this bonus, new player is required to place a £5 bet on any sport covered by Coral with odds of ½ or more.

Coral allows its users to bet live via the “Bet in Play” feature, which is promoted on its homepage. This option offers a filter allowing to quickly find the desired “Bet in Play”, as well as instant access to cash-out feature. Coral also offers a variety of “enhanced odds”, such as Chelsea, Legenes & Braunschweig All to Win 7/2 or Boston Celtics and SA Spurs both to win 8/1. Coral’s offer also includes (subject to availability) a lost stake refund on lost enhanced bets, as well as various promotions available in detail on their website. A good example of Coral’s promotion could be their “Late Looser Insurance, meaning that if you make a correct score or scorecast bet with Coral on the English Premiership and your bet is winning in the 85th minute but ends up a loser then you get your stake refunded with up to £25 back.

Coral - Bet in play

Coral offers a Live Streaming package absolutely free for its members, allowing them to watch almost 2,000 sport events every week.

Available sport events include football (the Premiership and various European leagues such Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, French Ligue 1 and Dutch Eredivisie, but also the American MLS), tennis (all year round tours of ATP and WTA), snooker, rugby, darts, basketball, badminton, handball, ice hockey and volleyball.

In addition, Coral offers non-sport betting, such as Lotto, major lotteries or political events.

In order to watch live streams on Coral, all you need to do is to register on the website and have any funds on your account. The only exception to that is horse and greyhound racing, where a bet of £1 on a race is required for free viewing. In addition, Coral offers a live “Coral radio”, allowing even non-members to listen to live commentary from various sport events.

Coral’s deposit and cash-out options include Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, Solo, Maestro, Moneybookers, Skrill, Neteller and classic Bank Transfer, all of them allowing for both deposit and withdrawal. All of these options require a £5 minimum and have no cap on maximum values of transaction. All methods are instantaneous, except for Bank Transfer which may take up to 72 hours to register.

Moreover, Coral has introduced an innovative “Coral Connect” feature – it consists of a free card connecting your accounts from the online, mobile and high street versions, and allowing you to bet with this card as well as collect your winnings with it, allowing for extra convenience, eliminating the need to wait for bank withdrawals and reducing all your betting balances to a single one.

Coral offers its customers both a full and a partial cash-out option, meaning that the player may withdraw their bet before the game is finished, allowing for much better control over your money in case of unpredictable developments on the field or the race track.

Live odds tend to be quite tasty at Coral and they are very dynamic. A color code system is in place to make it easier for players to notice when the odds are changing and in which direction.


MarathonBet live betting review

MarathonBet - sign up

MarathonBet offers its new customers a special opportunity of a £20 matched bet. The bet becomes available once the player turns over the initial deposit three times at odds of 1.8 or more. The turnover must be completed within 90 days of the initial deposit in order to qualify for this offer.

Another interesting feature offered by MarathonBet is their “Advance Bet” option. In short words, it allows customers to place additional bets with funds advanced by MarathonBet. The feature is available if the customer has unsettled bets. Afterwards, the profits from settled bets will be used to repay the advanced funds.

MarathonBet offers a wide range of events on which customers may bet live.

Sport events include Football, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis and Volleyball, Horse Racing and others. Interestingly enough, betting on e-sporting events is also offered.

Their Football coverage includes Spanish Cup games, English Premier Ligue, German Bundesliga, and more major events, while Tennis live betting includes ITF, ATP and WTA. Their full offer of live betting event is quite extensive. The Tennis in-play betting is one of MarathonBet’s most prominent features, including bets for Match Winner, next Set Winner, next Game winner, next Point winner, Handicap Game Result, Handicap Set Results, Total Games per Set or Match, Total Points per Game, and more.

MarathonBet - Live betting

Currently MarathonBet does not offer a Live Stream option. However, it does provide various services as a replacement for it. These include a display of results in various games and sport events, a live display of in-play events and a “statistics” tool, often considered a crown jewel of the website. This allows to view a win percentage, home or away form, latest standings and much more helpful information.

MarathonBet uses services of various providers to let their customers deposit and withdraw money to and from their site. Providers include VISA, MasterCard, Entropay, Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz, paysafecard, boku, Laser, Rapid and classic Bank Transfer. Most providers except the last one require a £5 minimum on their transactions, excluding Bank Transfer and ecoPayz, both of which require a £10 minimum.

Currently MarathonBet does not offer a cash-out option for their customers. To make it easier to make quick decisions in the land of ever-changing live odds, MarathonBet offers an option called “Bet in one click”, which will let the nimblest of players take advantage of every split second in the match. When live odds do change, users may see it more easily thanks to a system of arrows showing up and pointing in the appropriate direction – as in, up if the odds just went up. At times, odds are really inviting – for example, right now Espanyol is winning 2:1 against Deportivo de la Coruña. It’s minute 66 and if Espanyol hold out, you can get 1.56 for their win. That is quite a chunk of change for a bet that will conclude profitably simply if nothing on the pitch changes.


Applications for live betting

Whenever you feel like a quick live bet, a live betting smartphone app is the way for you. Do you want to quickly check the live odds? You just pick up the phone and make everything clear! You want to know how much you can gain if you place a bet right now that there will be no more goals in some match? One glance at the screen of your smartphone, and you can make a decision: to bet or not to bet.

Bet365, Coral and MarathonBet all offer mobile apps for live betting. With this feature, you do not have to choose whether to go to the match or be able to place bets. You can sing and cheer in the stands, and at the same time do live betting – profits are literally one tap away.

So let’s take a quick look at the most important functions of the mobile applications for live betting offered by bet365, Coral and MarathonBet.

Live betting on your smartphone – options available in applications of the three bookies:

bet365 yes yes yes yes
Coral yes yes* yes yes
MarathonBet yes* yes* no no

* – debit and credit card only

If your bookie’s app lets you watch the broadcast of the match on your phone, this is already a big plus. Seeing live odds and some kind of visualization of the situation on the pitch is definitely not enough to bet responsibly. And if you cannot watch the match on TV or on a computer, smartphone livestreaming can save your day!

Cash-out in live betting

You’ve probably already come across the term cash-out, but do you know exactly how it works? Cash-out allows you to withdraw money before the bet is finalized, eg. before the end of the match. However, one should keep an eye on whether it is worth to accept the cash-out offer, because in many situations withdrawing your money before the end of the match may cause you slight financial losses.

Let’s deal with it using an example. Let’s say you placed your live bet on the match England – Germany. It is already the 70th minute of the game and the result is 0:0. Your bet: 10 GBP that England will score before the end of the match at odds of 2.50.

There’s only 5 minutes left and the result is still 0:0. The bookmaker proposes that you give up on your bet and withdraw 8 GBP of the 10 that you paid in the first place. So you do not regain your entire contribution (after all, your bet was 10 GBP), but at least you have some peace of mind and you won’t have to lose the entire tenner if the Three Lions don’t manage to get anything out of this game. On the other hand, if there is some miracle and England does score in the last minute, you will gain nothing.

In the 75th minute Germany scores. Damn it! 1:0 is not going to make you or your mates happy, but your bet is still in play. There’s still fifteen minutes left for the Three Lions to score. Bookmaker suggests, however, that you now have the option to cash out and get 9 of your 10 pounds back. Now you face a difficult choice – you can get most of your money back and only suffer a small loss instead of a big one… Or you may lose out not only on your pound, but also on profits if you cash out but in the end England manages to score.

Let’s take a look at a different scenario. It’s minute 30 in the match Wales – Ireland and you decide to place a simple bet for Wales to win. You bet for 10 pounds at live odds of 2.50.

Minutes before the first half concludes Bale scores a stunner and Wales are a goal ahead. There are joyous screams around the block and you can almost feel the extra money lining your pockets. Meanwhile, the bookmaker says that you can withdraw the money right now. And it’s not 10 pounds that he offers you, it’s 19! Is that profitable? It is. But it’s not as much as you could get if you took the risk and waited it out… If Wales wins in any shape or form when the final whistle blows, you could have 25 pounds. But if Ireland as much as get a draw, you will lose everything.

Ireland scores in the first half and our rivals take the lead. Goddammit! You begin to wonder if it was a good idea to place that bet. The bookie knows what you’re thinking, so you get the offer to pay out 60% of what you’d invested. This way, your loss will be of 40%, not 100%. On the other hand, anything can happen during the second half, right?

In hopeless situations, for sure, this option will allow you to minimize losses. If your players can’t seem to catch the rhythm, or the best player has been excluded from the competition, eg. due to a serious injury, the coupon may be unsalvageable. Then you can withdraw at least a part of what you invested and thus save your bankroll.

It is also a rescue tool for the clumsy: you accidentally placed your bet on the wrong team? Or maybe you didn’t want to add that one bet to your coupon? It’s time for cash-out.

The bookmaker. It’s no secret that he’s the one who always comes out on top in this industry. If he risked as much as you do, there’d be no point for him to be in the business. Yes, there are situations in which the value of your your cashout may be greater than the amount that you pain in the first place (we showed it in one of the examples above), but it will still be a smaller profit than you could have won according to the original odds. The greatest feature of cash-out is the capability to minimize your losses.

Out of the bookies described in this text, only two will let you cash out:

  • bet365
  • Coral

MarathonBet has not yet decided to introduce this option.

You need to remember that cash out is not always available. Bookmakers introduce this feature only on some bets! You shouldn’t think that you will be able to withdraw from every bet that you place.

Rules of live betting

We’ve already mentioned the difficult fate of bookies’ consumer support. It’s not a rare occurrence for a user to place a bet on something without actually watching the match, which sometimes causes them to lose pretty much in an instant. This is just one of the reasons why your live bets may not have the result you desire.

First of all, no matter which bookmaker you’re using, check the rules for how a bet’s result is ultimately settled. No, do not tell us that your bookie provides no such information – he has to. If you can not find it, ask support to help you find it.

The rules on bet settling are the basis for the final decisions in atypical cases. If the match was canceled, interrupted, if the bookmaker gives a different number of corners than the official site, which causes you to lose a bet – check why it is so in the rules. Let us quote some examples that applied to the services of one bookmaker.

“Bets on injury time will be settled within the time shown on the assistant ref’s table, and not according to the actual time of the game.”

A lot of players lose bets because they didn’t know this rule – because they do not read the rules.

It’s hard to comment on anything here, because the rule is clear, right? And yet there are people who are surprised that their bets didn’t work out. By the way, you do know that the Support employee must adhere strictly to the regulations and guidelines, so arguing against the rules won’t help you? We’re just making sure you know it because some people seem not to.

“Bets will be settled based on the time when a corner is executed (and not when it is awarded).”

And here we go again. It is not a theoretical situation, these things happen and destroy people’s bets. And people die.

Well, on the inside. And then the scenario is the same: how, why, you thieves … And it would have been enough to just read the rules.

“Bets on extra time are settled according to the official statistics for the extra time. All the goals and the corners of regular time do not count. ”

Goals and corner kicks are counted separately for the regular and extra time. If someone doesn’t take that into account, they may lose even though it seems to them that their numbers match up.

Rules of bet settlement should be found in the help section, or whatever it is called at your bookmaker’s site. They can be placed among the other issues in a FAQ section, and may have a separate tab. In any case, search for the phrase “rules”. Any sport that is possible to bet on has a separate set of detailed rules for each available type of bet. Everything about how all types of cases will be settled. Of course the bookie usually includes a line that allows him to protect himself against a situation that was impossible to predict. You will certainly see something along the lines of “the bookmaker will decide the matter in dispute in accordance with internal regulations”. This does not necessarily just mean that you are at a disadvantage. If you can demonstrate that the bookmaker is wrong, for example, you may manage to convince the them to grant you your winnings.

Live matches – free live streams?

Free livestream is one of the best services that a bookie can offer. In theory, you get the stream in exchange for using his paid services, but it’s not like you may only start watching after you place a bet. You could watch the whole game without betting if you wanted to!

We’ve already talked at length of how important it is to watch the match you want to bet on. If your bookie offers live streaming, he makes it that much easier for you – you don’t need to look for a stream or turn on the TV. And you know what? At times, bookies’ streams are even better than the TV. We decided to compare bet365’s stream and live TV transmission once while watching a volleyball game. The bookie was better by about a second! In such a dynamic game, and when you’re putting your money at stake, a second is like an eternity. Make sure your bookie has the best live stream service you can find.

Live betting – examples

We’ve already written a lot about general tips, so let’s see how you can put them into practice. How do you do live betting?

Coral is one of the most recommended bookmakers for live betting. We also have them amongst the bookies that we recommend. So let’s show you how to access their live betting section. This is just a small guide for those who are just beginning their adventure with betting live. It’s nothing difficult – at last as far as mere technicalities are concerned. Making effective and profitable live bets is a different matter.


Go to the live betting section.

At the top of the site you will find a separate tab “bet in play”. You already know what it means!

When you’re already there, you will see the preview of all live events. Football is always on top, but as you can see in the picture, on top of the page there is an option to choose which sports you want to see.


Now take a look at the live odds offered. The odds for basic bets are on the right of each events, most marked in green.

Of course the offer is much wider. It’s not like you can only bet on who’s going to win!


Here you can see how many different options there are for a match that was taking place when this article was being written.

You can usually find the stream on the right side.


Live betting for free? – Bonuses for live bets

We all like to get something for free, so why not look for some free live bets? Sometimes bookies have promotions such as offering to insure your live bet and give you your money back if you happen to lose. Finding such an opportunity is not easy, however, because it requires observing bookie promotions virtually all the time. The easiest way to get a bonus is to wait for an important sporting event, eg. The World Cup in football, etc. Our experience is that most of the interesting offers for free live betting appear at:

  • bet365
  • Coral
  • MarathonBet

Check them out often, but do not stop there! Hunt for bargains!

By the way: remember that some welcome offers may also be used for live betting!

Betting: pros and cons

Phew, our tongues are already dry from all the talking. Let’s quickly summarize the pros and the cons of live betting. We will explain them clearly and we will not leave you with empty slogans. It is true that you might have heard almost everything already if you’ve read all of this huge wall of text, but we realize you might have skipped some parts and we don’t want you to leave without a good understanding of life betting.

We’ll start with the advantages. According to us, they definitely outmatch the cons! You must always have in mind the disadvantages of live betting, though, so we’ll leave them for the very end, in order not to give the wrong impression that it is an absolutely safe hobby.


  • The beginning is not the end – all the fun begins at the start of the meeting, while for pre-event bets, it ends there. Pre-match betting will certainly make you watch the game with a doubled dose of adrenaline, but betting live puts you in control. To a certain degree.
  • Counter – we like this term. Thanks to live betting you can minimize the risk of failure if everything suggests that your pre-event bet won’t be victorious. In that case, you may always place a contrary live bet that will, at least to some extent, save your budget.
  • You play together with the real players, don’t you!? While the ball is in play, the game’s underway!
  • Good occasions – unless your system requires you to only consider bets with high live odds, you may just as well earn at least a few pounds on secure, low-paid bets.
  • Bets are settled quickly – the money is yours almost immediately and you can play on.
  • It’s more interesting this way – live betting is very dynamic, and thus more interesting. You must demonstrate knowledge, intuition and quick reflexes if you want live bets to bring you the desired profit.


  • Live odds – they are always lower than the odds for pre-event bets, but that is the trade-off for seeing the situation changing during the match. In order to get rich off live betting, you need to have a really good understanding of what happens on the pitch. Or to get lucky.
  • Your reaction time – it is heavily dependent on whether you are directly in the stands, watching a livestream, or a broadcast on television. Or (oh my) if all you do is take glances at livescore. Many have cursed to the heavens because they simply placed their bet a split second too late.
  • Bets get blocked – this is directly connected to the defect described above: live bets are (may be) blocked during the game. It depends on the bet – sometimes the block makes sense, e.g. number of goals by the end of the first half. And sometimes… sometimes the bookmaker quickly realizes that perhaps they have too much to lose if they permit further betting. Business is business…

Live betting and live odds – are they worth it?

Is live betting worth your time? Does it make sense to bet live? In our opinion, yes it does! It is, above all, great fun, and along the way you can earn more than with pre-match betting. If you become an expert in live betting, you will quickly understand how many advantages this form of betting has. We have mentioned only the most important of them, but every player would certainly be able to add a few more.

So if you are a betting enthusiast already and want to try live betting, we sincerely recommend it! Stick to established rules, don’t increase the stakes too much, play slowly and carefully, and you should not be financially hurt. Good luck and have fun betting live!

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